Sunday, June 17, 2018


If there was a God, perhaps
he sneezed, or there was a Big
Bang. It doesn't really matter.
It is. We are.

Something flies
away from us at great speed
and beyond that the Great
Attractor takes us. And the
Great Attractor itself is
taken -- by what or whom, we
do not know.

And I'm speaking
only of this half of things.
For there is even more
off to the right-hand side of
the universe, and maybe
more in the up and down
from here. Who's to say how much?
And what of dark matter,
what of the blacked energy
we cannot see?

The more we think
we know, the more we find there is
to learn. Yet at the speed
it flies from us we cannot know
anything for certain.

All we can say is: If there was
a God, perhaps he sneezed, or -- .

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