Monday, August 04, 2008

AUGUST 5, 2002

Looks like the humidity is thick enough it has become fog overnight. The air is very thick, and while it's now a cool breezing being pulled into the house, it won't be cool for long, I suspect. More heat and choking humidity, I'm guessing.

Tried to help an old friend come to terms with leaving her house behind, accepting "assisted living" as the best option for her. She wanted to hear none of it, her "place" is her house, that's where she wants to be. Unfortunately that's not on the list of options. She is going through the anger phase; she's at the edge of sadness, melancholy. I'm sad for her, but wouldn't recommend that she continue to live in her home as that would be unsafe.

So the weatherman says it won't be getting over 80 degrees today. We'll see. I'm sweating already.
North of the village, a red-tailed hawk rises out of the ditch just before me, sets itself on the crossbeam of a power pole.

The fog cuts off the view within a mile or so. Dark and grey, the day is already heavy with the weight of the future.

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