Tuesday, July 22, 2008


"Took my first airplane trip last week," Ivan said. "Flew from Wichita to Atlanta and then from Atlanta back to Wichita. It was great for speed. Not much for checking the flora and fauna.... But I must admit that I never did put my full weight down on the seat."

"And I'll tell you something else," Ivan said. "The state of Georgia could save a lot of money if they would quit making 55 m.p.h. speed limit signs. The highway we were driving on from Athens to Atlanta was festooned with 55 miles per hour speed limit signs. We were going 75, and were getting passed on a regular basis. I would guess the state of Georgia spends more on 55 m.p.h. speed limit signs than they spent on cannons during the Civil War, the War Between the States, and the Southern Cause combined."

"Ya know, I got to thinkin'," Ivan said. "If it wasn't for the people I meet in the clinic waiting lobby and the ones I meet in the pharmacy, I wouldn't have no social life atall."

"Cattle buyer Kendall Nichols bought Lyle Morgan some open heifers," Ivan reported. "One of them became pregnant. Morgan wanted to know why one of the open heifers was pregnant. All Kendall could come up with was 'immaculate deception.'"

"I walked into The Peoples Bank last Wednesday morning," Ivan said, "and you could almost cut the serenity with a knife. Saw old familiar faces and the pace was relaxed and you could feel the small town friendliness and see big city efficiency combined to give a feeling of confidence to all concerned."

"Me N Momma went to an 18-and-under girls softball game last Monday evening," Ivan said. "The girls were playing Stockton. When they warmed up, you cold tell that Smith Center was vastly superior to the Stockton team. Me N Momma stayed for a couple of innings. I told Mike Hughes the next day that I would go to a ball game again if they played anybody that would give them a good game. Mike wasn't too sure he could guarantee that. The Smith Center girls had a couple of Kensington recruits. The pitcher was Aliee Rice and the catcher was Ashley Berthoff. Rice was firing strikes and Berthoff was catching anything Rice threw. It was one of the better girls softball teams I had seen in several years."

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