Wednesday, July 30, 2008

JULY 31, 2002

Sky. Earth. Scoop of morning light.

It is the last day of July. How is that possible?

I shall work at my paying job another two months, and then I am done with that work and I'll go into the next phase of my life, the being poor and trying to write phase. I want to make a contribution and shall try to make a contribution as a writer. Something more lasting than a printed industrial parts catalog. It has been a good lving I've been able to make at the Printers, but at some cost. Most of the failure to continue writing over the years was my own, I know that - these past four or five years have proved I can stay at it if I choose to. For awhile it was so easy for me to chose not to. And I'm weak enough to be led astray unless the obsession is upon me. Which it is. That should be obvious.

The whole world as it exists between Fairwater and Ripon is still amazingly green. It's a lovely song of a landscape now. Ripon's main street is itself a green loveliness today.

We are expecting continued hot temperatures - it is July in Wisconsin, we should expect temperatures in the 90s, what would make you think otherwise?

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