Tuesday, July 22, 2008

JULY 23, 2002

Yes - we have blue sky and sun. Yes - we have the sweet relief of a cool breeze. The heat has broken for a bit. We are in the coolness of morning's long shadows as I prepare for work an hour earlier than usual. A darkness, still, in the deepest places. A hidden sadness?

I go out to a new car. M. and I have each bought a new Saturn. She got hers 3,000 miles ago, I got mine last night. How does the chariot change the charge?

Wind blows the flag at the cemetery from northeast to southwest.

The field of peas too brown to harvest has been laid in windrows. I don't know what that means. Will they be using them for silage?

Planes collect above Ripon this morning on their way to Oshkosh. The sound of planes above us at work continues all day long this week.

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