Monday, July 21, 2008

JULY 22, 2002

It was 101 degrees in Wautoma yesterday. We were at the farm; it felt that warm there, too. By the time we headed home it had clouded over, there was the occasional flash of lightning, roll of thunder. A very slow spatter of rain during the night. It was not, I think, enough to entirely relieve the agony of the corn.

I walk to the pick-up. Clearly the rain is taking itself more seriously now. You wouldn't call it a downpour but it's more than a sprinkle. If this continues, the corn, the beans, the lawns - everything - will get relief.

The Experimental Aircraft Association convention has started in Oshkosh. The other evening at the farm M.'s brother and his daughter saw the Sleath bomber fly overhead. It was a shock of surprise when Kirstinia first noticed it. All of a sudden, Afghanistan. All of a sudden, the terror of an air attack coming at you. We are a fortunate people that such an idea is a thought only, not the daily reality.

The donkeys in the rain. Surprised with wetness. Grey as the sky.

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