Monday, July 14, 2008

JULY 15, 2002

Blue sky above, a haze to the west, more sweltering heat promised this week. It's Wisconsin, it's summer, shut up. If you're here, you're making the choice to be here. If you don't like the heat, get out of the kitchen, out of Wisconsin; find something that suits you, soothes you. Choose to go, choose to stay - no matter, except that you accept what you've chosen.

Friday after work we went to the farm in Marquette County. We sat in the yard before supper, in the long light of late afternoon. A whole book could be written about a single beautiful moment of that serenity. We were far enough from the road, nothing disturbed us except the distant call of cranes, the cursing of wrens, the tut tut tut of a woodpecker at work.

The landscape hereabouts is peopled with ghosts, those who walked here before us. The shelters they put up are gone, so there are ghost shells of houses, teepees, lodges. A shimmering where once they stood. A vibration of molecules that endures. The place as something living.

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