Friday, July 11, 2008

JULY 12, 2002

It was a fine, mild day yesterday. Today should be pleasant as well. The western part of the USA has been suffering mightly with continuing heat there, but we've gotten a reprieve.

Everything hereabouts is green and growing. Moisture has come when it was needed. There was always humidity with the heat. "Steam-cooking," you'd call that. Yet today it's "vapor-cooling," and I'll enjoy it.

If I don't remember the day, who will? If I don't record it, will it have existed at all? How will I prove to myself there was a day.

The air north of town is ripe with the smell of pea vines down in the field. Peas get taken, the odor of that remains long afterwards. The vines get worked into the soil eventually, they become the stuff of something else. The turn and return of everything.

Blue sky and sun today, but cooler temperatures and enough breeze to please us. Far to the north and northwest, some hint of clouds forming or formed.

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