Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Random November (11) 

The grey sky
knows nothing
of distance.

We are on
our own.

from The Wishin' Jupiter Poems: Somewhere Coyote 

Somewhere Coyote,
old Crow's brother,

thinks this place is his.
I ask, May I share? 

As is his custom
he says nothing,


Dark geese fly
against a dark

sky, the evening
darkening. Hard

wind pushes them
back, holds them

Not the end

of the world,
yet they stay

as if it were.

Monday, November 12, 2018

Random November (10) 

A monk
banging his empty cup,

the poet
wants his coffee.

Random November (9) 

A poet
drinks his wine.

The evening
doesn't care.

from The Wishin' Jupiter Poems: I Can Show You 

The rim of soft hills,
the river. We have sky

with clouds. We have
cottonwoods talking.

Otherwise the silence.
If you cannot find God

here, I can show you
where the thistles are.

LAST NIGHT'S DREAM 11-5-18 (11) 

Last night's dream,
more than

you imagine.
Your body

smooth like oil,

in the morning.

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Random November (8) 

the end of the day

the end of the day.

from The Wishin' Jupiter Poems: All I Know 

All I know
is nothing

when it comes
to speaking

with the red-
tail. Kii, he

says. Kii, ii.
The sky knows

what he means,
yet here I stand,

lost for words.

NIGHT SKY POETRY 11-5-18 (12) 

If you still

what it means,
look at it


Thursday, November 08, 2018

Random November (7) 

A cold, grey Sunday.
The old poet
bakes his hard bread.

Random November (6) 

The holy grasses
wait for heaven.

We wait with them.

from The Wishin' Jupiter Poems: Things Are 

Things are what
they seem and

a deer trail
shows me the

way out and
back. You can't

ask for more.
Yet you can

still get lost
if you want.

WHAT THE POET HEARS 11-5-19 (13) 

in the stones 

where art
breaks his heart.

Wednesday, November 07, 2018

Random November (5) 

From the bottom of a well,
the whole world is stars.

Random November (4) 

Petals falling.
The last flower

forgets the rain.

Random November (3) 

Even a
bitter kiss

is a

from The Wishin' Jupiter Poems: Snow Begins 

Snow begins to
cover the world.

We are not
ready yet.

Not that what
we might want

will ever make
a difference.


Don't talk

it: just
say it.

Say it


Tuesday, November 06, 2018

from The Wishin' Jupiter Poems: At Sunrise 

At sunrise,
light and wind.

The surprise?
That your soul

is older
than you know.

POET'S MIND 11-2-18 (7) 

Whatever loveliness
takes you, go.

It may not come

Monday, November 05, 2018

Random November (2) 

The rain has
nothing to tell us

yet all night
we listen.

from The Wishin' Jupiter Poems: Mist 

Mist. Neither
off nor on.

The slow sky
holding it-

self mostly,
just this edge

of wetness.
You can see

where you're
going, but

you can't see

POEMS WALK 11-2-18 (8) 

Poems walk

and I can
catch them

if they're
not faster

than I am.
God bless

the slow ones.

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